How To Obtain Solaris Certification


Do you want to remain relevant in the job market? Get Hadoop training and watch how easy it is to get your dream career. Hadoop skills demand is high and getting Solaris certification makes you more valuable in the job market.

Solaris is a multitasking operating system. Many institutions offer online and on-campus training options in Solaris. You will have to study a typical course and pass the examination before getting certifications. Learn more about where to get Solaris Certification, average salary, and job outlook.

What are the contents of a Solaris Training Program?

Courses in a Solaris training program include:

  • Network File System
  • Network configure
  • Troubleshoot Network Information Services (NIS)
  • Data System
  • Managing core files
  • Solaris network (server farm)
  • Installation and maintenance of servers
  • Administrative skills such as interpreting crash dumps
  • Managing core files
  • Setting fault tolerance for disaster recovery practices

Training programs for Solaris consist of practical laboratory work and lectures. Part of the training is using software tools, troubleshooting techniques, and hands-on management. Some course providers teach students the basics of Hadoop administration too.

Instructors are Solaris certified, and they teach all topics that are common in the final exam. You are an Oracle Solutions Certified Associate in Solaris upon successful completion of the program. Among the main subjects are:

  • History of operating systems
  • Strategies for SPARC and Solaris platforms
  • Troubleshooting the network file system (NFS)
  • Fundamentals of Sun Solaris system administration
  • Basic Unix operating commands

Facts about Job Outlook and Salary

Job Outlook (2014-24) 8% growth in Computer System Administrator jobs
Average Salary – 2014 $75,790 for Computer System Administrators
Average Salary

Jan 2016

$41,005-$87,897 per annum for Server Administrator (
On  Job Training None
Same Occupations Computer Programmers, Computer Support Specialists, Computer Network Architects

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Hadoop Training

Hadoop is an open source programming framework that supports processing and storage of large data on commodity hardware. It offers large storage for data. Hadoop has high processing power and can handle unlimited concurrent tasks.

Before adopting Hadoop, companies need assurance that prospective employees can handle their massive amount of data. Hadoop certification gives proof of qualifications and makes you responsible and reliable for handling large data.

Advantages of Hadoop Certification

  • Hadoop certification improves your job market standing
  • Certifies that you have knowledge of updates to Hadoop features
  • Proves that you have experience in handling big data
  • Helps you to talk confidently about Hadoop technology
  • Enables you to earn higher than other professionals in your field
  • Hadoop certification assures you a quick promotion at work
  • Makes it easy for untrained people to transition to Hadoop
  • Hadoop certification is ideal for professionals who want a career as ETL Developers, Testing Professionals, Project Managers, and Big Data Analytics among others.

What is the Importance of Solaris Certification?

Solaris certification prepares you to pursue professions such as server architect, data warehouse analyst, or system administrator. Although a degree in computer science can get you these positions, chances of employment and better earnings are higher when you get certified.

How Do I Get Certification?

Requirements for the Oracle Certified Associate are that you sit and pass a timed exam. You should register with a testing center upon completion of the training program. Practice with the available online practice tests that Koenig provides. They cover full topics and question format as presented in a real exam.

You can earn the Oracle Certified Professional certification if you have advanced skills gained through experience or learning. However, you must pass a two- part exam in Solaris Administration. You may also earn master and expert certifications as well after managing Solaris systems for several years

Can I Study Online?

Schools and IT training companies such as Koenig Solutions provide online programs in addition to physical classroom training. Requirements for online courses are similar to on-campus programs, but you need a course management system to access training materials. A reliable Internet connection, computer, and a system such as Blackboard are all you require.

While online programs are flexible, some cases require that you log in to interact with instructors and meet set deadlines.

Preparation for Tests

Increase the chances of passing the certification test. Koenig Solutions have a course to enhance your performance and materials are available online. You have the option of taking self-study materials or the course. The average cost of the course range from $2,500-$4,000. Self-study materials are, however, cheaper.

In addition to the general Solaris course, some private organizations train you in certification test preparation. Topics are similar to the Koenig Solutions in-house training materials. Others are skills in network and security administration and Hadoop training. A standard course is short and takes 3 to 6 days.


Solaris training program ensures that you are certified. Most schools and private organizations around the world provide the course varying topics. IT companies such as have innovative delivery models and learning methods at affordable rates. Browse for more courses and training options if you want to stay ahead of the job market.


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