Is Doing CCNA Certification Really Worth for Networking Professionals?

ccnp-certificationsA person working in the Information Technology field must be aware of the importance of Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. This is a certification which helps professionals in the quick deployment of various technologies related to the networking environment.

CCNP is another certification named which comes under the same program. CCNA is basics of networking certification, while CCNP is a deeper course which builds a solid foundation in the area.

The CCNA Certification lets the professionals learn the key skills of networking. The course is beneficial for both employers and employees as it covers a lot of topics of networking system

There are three paths that help the learners acquire the resources to work in networking environment.

  1. CCNA Security
  2. CCNA Voice
  3. CCNA Wireless

Benefits of doing CCNA certification for networking professionals

  • Important for recruiters
  • Unique learning network
  • Knowledge plus experience
  • Good for career
  • Builds a base
  • Good for the employer
  • Proof of certification
  • Respect

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