Benefits of Deploying the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)?

The change in the scope of BI is fortunate because the level of insight, discovery and flexibility of analysis and reporting has increased manifold. This implies that organization can now analyze and view their data better than ever before. Oracle’s Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) suite addresses this evolving concept of BI.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

OBIEE is essentially a comprehensive suite of Business Intelligence (BI) products that effectively delivers a complete range of analysis and reporting capabilities through a modern, unified and highly scalable architecture. Capacity wise, OBIEE facilitates reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), ad hoc query and analysis, scorecards and dashboards.

OIBEE provides its users with consistent and accurate insights into information. All of the organizational information can be accessed through web-based workspaces, dashboards, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, search bars, Microsoft Office applications and mobile devices.

Benefits of Using OIBEE

Oracle’s BIEE suite offers multiple advantages including:

  • Complete Business Intelligence (BI) functionality
  • Interactive and user-friendly dashboards
  • Complete ad hoc query & analysis
  • Proactive intelligence alerts and delivery
  • Financial and enterprise reporting
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) presentation and analysis
  • Large volumes of production reporting
  • Usability
  • Integrated Business Model
  • Plug-ins friendly infrastructure
  • Real-time predictive analysis and intelligence
  • Incoherent analytics
  • Complete integration with MS Office
  • Provides insights into all heads of the organization including individual employees
  • Information optimized for different working levels
  • OIBEE is built on a model that unites metadata across OIBEE’s analytical applications and BI tools to effectively minimize TCO.
  • Integrates with any extraction, transformation and load tool, data source, application server, major business applications, portal technology, any front end analytical tool and security infrastructure.
  • Integrates with multiple databases including Microsoft SQL Server, IBMDB/2, Teradata, SAP Business Information Warehouse, flat files, Microsoft Analysis services, unstructured data and XML data.

Looking for a career in Oracle BI?

An Oracle BI Publisher Training or boot camp can help you gain a deeper insight into the concepts and tools of the Oracle Business Intelligence software. One can also consider getting an Oracle Business Intelligence certification, which can be even better in validating your Oracle BI skills and giving your career a kick start.

A typical Oracle BI Publisher Training also known as 11g R1 will provide a trainee insight into the

functionality of Oracle’s BI and ability to (Information courtesy:

• Understand and apply the uses and concepts of BI Publisher.

• Understand X standards.

• Create and apply templates for PDF and RTF formats.

• Set up and configure Enterprise server of BI Publisher.

• Analyze data and schedule reports easily.

• Create reports seamlessly based on web services, files and RSS feeds.

• Create data templates for XML

Are you interested in learning more about the Oracle BI Publisher? Visit us for more information on trainings and boot camps at


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