Oracle Certification : Frequently Asked Questions (OCA, OCP, OCE, OCM)

Oracle Certification is not just a degree or a certificate.

How Many levels are there in Oracle Training?

  • Level One: Associate
  • Level Two: Professional
  • Level Three: Expert
  • Level Four: Master

How do I get Started with Oracle Training for an OCA Certification?

  • Learning subscriptions
  • Classroom learning
  • Live virtual online classes
  • Private events such as boot camps

What is the Most Popular Certification?

What does an OCA do?

What Skills does an OCA Learn?

What Kind of Salaries can an OCA Make?

How much does OCA Certification Cost?

What is an OCP Certification?

What skills does an OCP Learn?

How Much Does an OCP Make in Salary?

What does an OCP Certification Cost?

Training for Oracle certifications gives the holder a clear career training path for in-demand technology jobs.

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Job Opportunities & Benefits of Oracle Certification Course

The American technological giant Oracle Corporation is the second largest software creator and seller in the world. OCP or Oracle certification programs are popular because of the widespread use of Oracle software, products, and services. The certification programs are created by Oracle itself and provide candidates knowledge and skills related to the use of Oracle offerings. Oracle certification holders are employed by MNCs, Fortune 500 companies and other private and public sector organizations, and provide a very lucrative and rewarding career in the field of IT or Information Technology, database management, big data, cloud and related segments.

Some levels at which the Oracle database certifications are offered by Oracle include

  • Oracle Certified Associate Certification
  • Oracle Certified Professional Certification
  • Oracle Certified Master Certification
  • Oracle Certified Expert Certification

All all about the Benefits of Oracle certification for the candidates & employing organization

  • Increase in salary or earning
  • Better credibility
  • Higher promotion prospects
  • Better employability chances
  • Improvement in skills and expertise
  • A better and deep understanding of the technology stack

Benefits of Oracle certification for the employing organization

  • Better retention rate
  • Better performance at the job
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Higher and qualitatively improved productivity
  • Better credibility with the company clients and increase in value in the Marketplace

To know more read visit here:- Job Opportunities & Benefits of Oracle Certification Course 

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Latest Javascript Interview Questions & Answers

Alongside, we are here to our summary of best JavaScript Certification Course Interview questions and answers. Read them out before showing up in a meeting with the goal that you can succeed:

  1. Latest Javascript Interview Questions & Answers
  2. How window.onload is different from onDocumentReady?
  3. How will you change the style or class of any element through JavaScript? Is it possible?
  4. What would be the output of following code?
  5. Write a function that will loop through a list of integers and print the index of each element after a 3-second delay.
  6. What do you mean by “Debouncing” and what is the correct implementation of it?
  7. How is throttling different from Debouncing?
  8. What are the drawbacks of creating true private methods in JavaScript?
  9. What do you mean by NaN? What is its type? How can you reliably test if a value is equal to NaN or not?
  10. What do you know about JavaScript namespacing? Elaborate its implementation
  11. What are all data types supported in JavaScript?

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Cisco Certification Showdown—CCNA vs. CCNP

In the recent years, Cisco certifications have turned out to be greatly prominent. Indeed, Cisco certifications are viewed as the absolute most profitable certifications in the IT business today. With regards to Cisco certifications, there are a wide range of alternatives. Keeping in mind the end goal to advance your vocation and search for better open doors in your calling, you require proper certifications. Continue reading

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Guide to Become a Certified Business Analysis Professional

Are you interested in earning your CBAP® but not sure where to get started? CBAP® stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional™ and is the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) Level 3 certification.

What is CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional)?

It is level 3 certification course apt for the senior business analysts with 5+ years of experience. After the completion of CBAP Certification, the professionals are termed as an expert in the field of a business analyst. Continue reading

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SAPABAP is considered as an essential piece of SAP, which is the most powerful and dependable stage for business applications advancement. ABAP has been a part of SAP and has helped in the coding of numerous heritage frameworks, that can’t be revamped in Java so effectively. Thus, there are no odds of this programming dialect, getting supplanted with Java (regardless of the considerable number of cases). In addition, the product applications, similar to ECC, depend on ABAP coding, a sort of SAP business suite application.

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How to Become A Qualified and Professional White Hat Hacker

White hat hackers are also known as ethical hackers, and they utilize penetration techniques keeping in mind the end goal to decide the quality of the IT security of an association or to comprehend and recognize its vulnerabilities. The results of these entrance tests are then used by the IT security staff to lower the organisation’s risk factors, strengthen their security and remediate the vulnerabilities. Continue reading

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How to Start My Career As SAP FICO Consultant?

For the better execution of Enterprise resource planning (ERP), SAP is the biggest programming application supplier for ventures. Since its origin, SAP has been giving excellent approaches to enhance administration in IT and business field. if you are seeking to end up noticeably a SAP FICO Consultant, there is a considerable measure to know and do.

Through this blog, you can understand this SAP Certification completely:

  • What are the Career opportunities for SAP FICO Certified Professionals?
  • Need of SAP FI module
  • Need of SAP Controlling (CO)
  • SAP FICO consultant – Job Description
  • Responsibilities of a consultant:

Rather than SAP FI expert preparing and SAP CO consultant training, one can go for SAP FICO preparing. It creates skill as well as upgrades understanding for the better administration of announcing and back finance accounting in an undertaking.

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The Top 7 Job Profiles You Can Go With after CCNA Certification

CISCO, its pioneer and systems administration, over the globe, in its own particular words expresses that “it attempts to interpret how the general population interface, impart and team up”. The organization offers a scope of items and systems  administration arrangements that are promptly received by organizations. As indicated by Wikipedia, “The concentrate of CCNA is on security, cloud, remote, coordinated efforts, steering and exchanging, modern plants, server farms, outline and then some.”

CCNA_Course Continue reading

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Best Tips For CEH V9 Exam Preparation

The universe of data security online is a fight between two gatherings of individuals – Hackers with the malignant expectation of taking information and Certified Ethical Hackers working with associations to take o ut and diminish these ruptures. Becoming into a CEH proficient requires a high-level state of intuition and enthusiasm for the field, be that as it may, enlisting in a moral hacking course furnishes understudies with the important learning to distinguish blemishes and provisos in security frameworks and offer significant arrangements. From joining a CEH Certification course to clearing the CEH exam, there is much to do, and here we are sharing the best tips to help plan for the exam.

sap guide

  1. Know which CEH exam to give
  2. Choose the best CEH institute
  3. Self-study is also an option
  4. Research is the key
  5. Set a schedule
  6. Know the topics thoroughly
  7. Do practice tests
  8. Know your weaknesses and strengths
  9. Seek help from colleagues
  10. Don’t forget rest and exercise

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